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(Video credit: Yisrael Wealcatch)

(Video credit: Yisrael Wealcatch)

(Video credit: Yisrael Wealcatch)

A Special Video Message from Yaakov Shwekey

Torah Academy Dinner Video

A Tribute to Mr. Morton Ben

A Tribute to Mr. & Mrs. Boruch & Tzippi Ringelheim

Boys Middle School Choir

Early Childhood "Back to School" Video 5777 / 2016-2017

Kindergarten Graduation Video 5776-2016

Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Pre-K!

Torah Academy Dinner Video

Early Childhood Shabbos Project Video

Chumash Play 2016 Video

Elementary School Mother-Daughter Event

Torah Academy Boys Choir - Chanukah Concert 2015

Baruch Levine, Simcha Leiner and the Torah Academy Boys Choir Sing "Birchas HaBonim" - Chanukah Concert 2015

Early Childhood Division - Back to School 2015

Elementary School - First Week 2015

Kindergarten Graduation Video

GMS 8th Grade Graduation Video

BMS 8th Grade Graduation Video

Elementary 2014-2015 Year in Review

Torah Academy PTO 2015

Early Childhood Purim Experiences

Torah Academy Middle School Set3 Science Project

Torah Academy Boys Choir in Concert! - Chanukah 2014

Baruch Levine Sings Vezakaini with Torah Academy

Early Childhood Chanukah Video 2014

Early Childhood Back to School 2014

8th Grade Graduation Video

Kindergarten Graduation Video

5th Grade Girls Graduation Video

5th Grade Boys Graduation Video

Teacher Appreciation Video 2014

Boys Middle School Video

Boys Middle School Chesed Day Video "Run Danny Run!"

The Three Pillars of Parenting Successful Teenagers - Rabbi Chaim Glazer